The most complete course on REALISTIC TATTOOS and COVER UPS that has ever been created!
This system turns you into a professional tattoo artist that will make you stay out of competition!
Subscriptions will open in a near future!
The price is only $597!
Would you like to express your creativity on the skin and earn a lot while doing it?
I present you the "PROFESSIONAL" online Course
Are you already doing tattoos but you would like to go to the next level?
Are you a creative person and you would like to express yourself in the tattoo business?
Are you bored of doing the usual tattoos with little stars and hearts?
Are you a designer or painter or you would like to bring your art onto your skin?
Would you like to reach another level in terms of earnings and demand?
if so, then the course I'm about to present is perfect for you!
Everything you need to know about realism, cover up and tattoo aesthetics
In this page I present the tattoo business from another perspective.
Here I bring you into a world of personal satisfaction and creativity.

When you are able to make realistic tattoos and cover ups,
you won't have to worry about missing customers or lack of money!
This is your step into a whole other level!
For today our online school has already taught hundreds of people through our online courses and thousands of people via our free YouTube channel!
We are the number 1 reference in Italy when people want to learn how to do tattoos online, and we are expanding worldwide!
Lots of guys have been led into the tattoo artists road from scratch by following our courses and now they have the chance to make money by doing what they love!

By now we have fully understood the system that makes people become good tattoo artists at all levels, even if they start from scratch.

For more than a year we have focused on beginners, and now it's time for a course that makes you become a professional tattoo artist!
Ever since I started making realistic tattoos everything has changed for me. For me realistic tattoos have been an incredible discovery! At the beginning I only did decorative tattoos and honestly I thought that the job of the tattoo artist ended there, always doing the same things: lines, fillings, a couple of nuances and that's all.

Then one day at a tattoo studio I met a person who completely changed my perception of this job! I saw that he did on the skin the drawings that I did on paper or canvas...

I couldn't understand how he managed to do things like that, they seemed unreal! And from there I attached myself to him, asking for everything possible to understand how to do things like that and I always tried to be present when he did the tattoo sessions.
It was a lot of fun, I immediately started seeing the first results.

I realized that in the end it is much easier than I thought, if you know how to draw ...
Just know the right process and adapt to new techniques.

The biggest discovery came later - more and more people started to contact me, who wanted to come and get tattooed by me because they saw my first realistic works.

I saw that this style attracts a lot people's attention, and the word spread very quickly!

From there my circle of clients began to grow quickly and I immediately raised the prices because I saw that people are willing to pay for anything I ask them for the jobs I do!
From there I started doing my tests, and this process had me fully!
In a few months I started receiving several proposals to collaborate with other studios in different cities ...
From there my last dream - working and traveling has become my new reality!
Then at the same time I started learning how to make very hard covers on old clients' tattoos, and that brought me an incredible reputation!
I could cover things that no one thought were possible.
My clients considered me "a magician, a savior", because by covering unwanted tattoos I "cured their soul".
The ability to make very difficult cover ups has strengthened my success even more and it is exactly for this reason that in the PROFESSIONAL course I have registered an entire section dedicated to cover ups!
Then year after year working in this realistic style and making difficult cover ups has brought me more and more profits, customers and personal satisfaction.
And all of this is because I tried to apply the things that this person taught me in the tattoo and I worked very hard on this artistic style!
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To tell you the truth one of the reasons that made me switch to realistic style is because I didn't like making lines in the tattoo and doing all these technically boring things,
I loved the nuances and in a sense I found them even much easier to do!
In realism most of the result comes from how you use nuances, and this gives a lot of satisfaction!

Then, by taking a step forward, I say that when we created the online school, "be a tattoo artist" we have dedicated all of our attention to beginners and to those who started from scratch.

But we always received many emails from people who asked for more complicated styles, like realism and cover ups.

To tell you the truth, I absolutely didn't want to create an online course on this, because it was the "secret weapon" of my success, and I didn't want to create competition for myself.
I struggled so much!
But in the end I told myself that if we started our school that teaches how the tattoo techniques - we have to teach everything that will make the most difference in people's lives and so we threw ourselves into preparing this course.
It was a very difficult job ... I didn't know how to structure it.
I spent 5 months only find the best solution to structure it and then with the help of the whole team, which cost me a lot of money in another 5 months we created this PROFESSIONAL course!
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This is my most complicated job ever, and it's my best job from a technical point of view!
Here we go in depth on how to do a lot of much more refined things in the tattoo business!
You will not find anything similar to this course anywhere else in the world, I can guarantee it! And today you have the privilege of being part of these teachings that can turn your life around!
This course will be very useful for you:
If you are starting to do tattoos, but you immediately want to take the most artistic and creative path.
If you have been doing the most decorative tattoos for some time now, but now you would like to throw yourself on a new style, and take your skills to another level.
If you are already doing realistic tattoos and cover ups but you feel stuck, you can't improve the quality and you need help to improve yourself!
This online course explains and teaches professional level tattooing from 2 points of view:
1.How to make beautiful tattoos correctly from a technical and artistic point of view.

2.How to make tattoos that will be perceived beautiful by your customers.
This course includes a lot of psychology, it teaches us which points to stress on to fully control the perception of our tattoos on our client's side!

All my secret weapons developed over 8 years based on my experience of working with thousands of customers!

As I have already said this is my best job ever, and it is a course on the most complete realism and cover ups that you can find on the Internet, even looking for it in all the languages of the world!
In this course I take you by the hand, step by step and I will turn you into a tattoo artist who knows how to make all kinds of realistic tattoos and cover ups of every level of difficulty.

I'll make you become a tattoo artist who knows how to make a lot of money with his tattoos and has endless clients who always want to come back for another tattoo!
The main topics of the course are:
After following the course:
You will be able to make colored and black & white portraits.
You will be able to make 3D objects.
You will be able to make colorful landscapes.
You will be able to make colorful and black & white flowers.
You will be able to improve and revise old tattoos.
You will know how to make cover ups that seem impossible.
How to tint colors in realism
How to create "light" and "reflection" effects
How to fade from one color to another
How to make tattoos on scars
How and where to put the white color
How to prepare the stencil for each type of realistic tattoo
How to create maximum contrast and 3D effect
How to make effects of hair, coat, beard and wrinkles
How to create «watercolor» effect on the skin
How to approach the big jobs in different sessions
How to find the solution to cover every tattoo
How to emphasize femininity and masculinity in the tattoo
How to cover very dark, black tattoos
How to create a "sexy" effect in the tattoo
How to create roundness effect
How to change the design to make it look cooler on the skin
How to do "commercial realism" that drives customers crazy
The tutorials videos are taken from 2 video cameras from the beginning to the end with my voice in the background.
I understand that it would be better for you to see the course with your own eyes to make the decision to follow it, so for this reason we have prepared the demo version of the course.
Click on the button below, enter the online school, choose the PROFESSIONAL course and you can ensure yourself on the quality and quantity of the material we give in this course by following the demo version.
In this course you will find all my strategies, tricks, shortcuts, and advanced secrets of the job mixed with human psychology that will leave you speechless.

The professional course will help you TRIPLE your earnings once you start applying the things learned from this course!
Maybe now you're wondering:
"how much will the course cost?"
These kind of lessons are very rare and no one has yet done it, I can tell you this because before creating this course I spent 2 weeks doing a research to see if something like this already existed.

These kind of courses cost a lot because they provide much more serious preparation respect to that received from classic tattoo artists.

Knowing how to teach advanced things like this and being a professional tattoo artist is an even rarer combination, and imagine if they can make it become an online course with the gradual path and make it understandable to everyone.
Above all, the fact of sharing all the secrets with others and creating their own competition is something that nobody wants to do.
We had the courage to do it.
These kind of courses (with teaching levels similar to the one we give) will cost you around 1500 dollars or even more ...
I personally followed a course for 3000 dollars and I can guarantee that I uploaded in our online course 5 times more than what I was taught in the courses I followed by paying 3000 dollars.
Since I have received many requests from many people to make the cost of the course more accessible, we decided to lower the price !
Beyond that, psychology and motivation are my passions, which I use a lot in this course to make you better understand the psychological side in the execution of the tattoo, customer perception and a lot of motivation to get you the guaranteed results as soon as possible!
If you find courses around 300-500 $ you can be sure that it doesn't even reach 10 percent of value that we give in our professional course!
If you follow a course that you find elsewhere, you will not see all the executions with all the super detailed explanations, taken from 2 cameras, at a 20 centimeter distance like the ones we give in our online course.
Beyond that, the rarest thing is to find a teacher who is able to clearly explain it. I finished Pedagogical University in Russia, then I specialized in Art (to teach art).
The cost of the course is only $ 597!
The value of this course easily reaches 1000 $ and this would even be too little, because this course will make you earn thousands of euros in the future.
Subscriptions will be open in near future!
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The cost of the course is only $ 597!
The "PROFESSIONAL" Online Course in Total Has More Than 50 Hours of Video Materials on realism, cover up and tattoo aesthetics!
If you still have any doubts in following this course or not
I can tell you that I decided to take full responsibility and take all the risks on my shoulders giving you my guarantee on the total reimbursement if the course does not give you the results I promised!
Subscriptions will be open in near future!
To subscribe click on the button to contact us by WhatsApp and complete your subscription!
The cost of the course is only $ 597!
And the best part ....

You can access your online course from anywhere in the world, wherever you are! You can travel, move, go to work or study and the course will always be available for you, just enter your online profile and start videos using your PC, tablet or your mobile!

You can relate content to infinity, when you want and how many times you want and to deepen more and more this job, because once you have access to the course, the course does not have the deadline and you have all the time you need to learn.
Beyond that at the end of the course we will issue our certificate from our private school!
This certificate can help you to demonstrate your authority and competence in front of your customers and can help you in the study of research to work, or the confirmation of your background of studies you have done and your professionalism!

It is always a pleasure to have a certificate attached to the wall that makes you understand at what level you are!
*This is the certificate of our private school and is not issued by the region. This certificate does not give you permission to run the profession officially.
Remember - this is your future!
Your future is not defined by your words or your thoughts, but by your actions ...

What you will do in 1 day, in 1 month, in 1 year ...

That defines who will become in the future.

The person who becomes depends on the choices you make, so that YOU can create your future!

There is this part of you that chooses to move forward and take the chance that you now have before you!
Now is the moment when you can turn your life around. "

It's up to you to decide ...
We have the possibility to register only a very limited number of people for this online course and for this reason we only open registrations twice a year for 14 days!
To subscribe click on the button to contact us by WhatsApp and complete your subscription!
The cost of the course is only $ 597!
If you have any questions:
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