Do You Want To Become Great At Tattooing And Learn From Home?
We present you our most popular online course called "BASIC"!
We will open subscriptions in near future.
The price is only 397$!
Would You Like To Become a Professional Tattoo Artist And Earn a Lot Thanks To Your Creativity?
  • Are you tired of going every day to work that you hate, to earn little, and to work with people that you can't stand?
  • Don't you think it's wrong to to the work that everyone can do while you have the passion for drawing and have the creativity that others don't have?
  • Would you like to have more time and spend it your own way?
  • Would you like to travel much more?
I have a solution for you!
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Why This Is So Great To Be a Tattoo Artist?
If you like to draw - do what you love!
Decide when and how much to work!
Use your passion to earn a lot with tattoos!
You can work and travel at the same time and collaborate with other tattoo artists!
Create a circle of people with common interests!
Get more clients all the time thanks to the word of mouth and get more profit!
If you like to draw - do what you love!
Decide when and how much to work!
Use your passion to earn a lot with tattoos!
You can work and travel at the same time and collaborate with other tattoo artists!
Create a circle of people with common interests!
Get more clients all the time thanks to the word of mouth and get more profit!
Now Becoming a Tattoo Artist Is Easier Than Ever
thanks to the online course called "BASIC", that accompanies you step by step!
My name is Lex, I'm a tattoo artist and the founder of the online school, we've already helped hundreds of guys to become great tattoo artists, and we have more than 12 000 that follow our project, and we're the reference number one when people want to learn how to make tattoos.

Today I'm very proud to present to you our online course "BASIC" that will help you become a pro in tattooing on a technical level , even if you're starting from zero.
... but first of all let me tell you what this industry looked like years ago, how this course was born and how I was practically pushed to create it!
Tattoo artist's CONSPIRATION!
When I started learning the profession of tattooing I encountered this problem : no one wanted to teach me and help me to become a tattoo artist!
  • You need a lot of money to begin
  • You have to be a real artist
  • It's difficult to find clients
  • It's a job where you can't foresee
  • You have to be a leader
Many tattoo artists make you believe that:
...this is all bullshit!
When You Start Learning How to Tattoo, You Usually Meet These Problems:
Tattoo artists don't give you all the tips, secrets and shortcuts to get to this profession. They give you only general information.

Instead, in our "Basic" course I share with you all the tips, secrets and give shortcuts to the profession, making it transparent. After completing this course you will know 90% more than the tattoo artists that are already there.
Tattoo artists don't have a gradual, step by step guideline with all the exercises, which make you obtain the results practically instantly.

Instead, in our "Basic" course I'm giving you a gradual, step after step program where I get you through from the basics to more advanced things.
Tattoo artists don't have the professional pedagogical abilities that help them get good results from the students.

I have studied in the pedagogical university and my passion is teaching and personal development, I used all my skills to create the course that will definitely give you extraordinary results.
This kind of courses cost a lot.

It's right, but since I have the possibility to subscribe to the course many people at the same time, as it's an online course, I decided to leave the price for this course very low in comparison to all the courses that you will find around.
Once the course is over you forget everything that you were taught, and you don't have access to the materials.

Instead, we will give you the access to all the materials of the course with no deadline, you will be able to watch it all again whenever you want, as many times as you want until you reach excellent results!
If you wanted to learn how to tattoo before the existence of our online school and the "BASIC" course:
  • You had to go and look for tattoo artists in different studios who would be ready to teach you this profession.
  • If they weren't giving courses, you had to convince them to make a private course that then cost thousands of dollars.
  • If they were doing group courses, you had to wait until there were enough people to form a group and pay a lot for participating in the course.
  • You had to go every time to the studio, and sometimes to make long trips in order to participate in the course, spending even more time.
  • You had to really get the words out of their mouth, as they weren't explaining well and in poorly understandable manner.
  • You had to make notes of everything, otherwise you wouldn't remember, but since this tattooing profession is very visual, you then would forget many details of this profession.
Now all of this is in the past.
All the professional lessons are structured and accessible from your computer, in a very detailed video version and at a low price!
Two months later he showed great results and told me that I have to teach this to a much larger audience, as such a great course was practically impossible to find elsewhere.
I always liked to draw, and when I discovered the profession of tattooing I encountered all the problems I just described.
I had to learn everything by myself, because I couldn't find good courses, I spent and lot of time and money.
I got disappointed many times, but never gave up and I managed to become a great and a very demanded tattoo artist.
I had no more problems with money and clients, I was doing what I wanted and was travelling the world...A dream!
Other than that, I also loved teaching, my passion is personal development, amelioration, succeeding etc.
One day a guy asked me to help him to get better at this profession and I decided to do it.
I thought that it would be great to unite my passion for tattooing and passion for teaching, so I gave a series of lessons to the first group of students that this guy found for me.
From there was born the idea to create the "Basic" course. The course that unites all the lessons on how to make the tattoos at 360 degrees in a very detailed way, and it's adapted to the people who are starting from zero.

I'm a perfectionist, and I isolated myself for 4 months in order to prepare the content of this course, and then it took us 3 months to shoot all the videos and to cut and assemble them.

As a result, this amazing course, that I call "Basic", was born. It unites all the lessons based on real experience of my students, and which got them to the results step after step.
I'm introducing this course to you today!
This course will be useful for you, no matter what level you have:
If you would like to make tattoos from zero
If you have from 1 to 5 years experience in this field
If you are making tattoos for some months already
This course will get you through from the beginning, from the basics, it helps you take control of fear and anxiety, helps you to buy all the materials, explains to you how to prepare everything and how to make different tattoos (from the simple ones to more difficult)
This course will get you to another level and will show you the modalities and new techniques of execution, different styles of tattoo making, and many personal secrets that I use. It will make you discover subtleties of the profession, that you normally learn only after being in it for many years.
This course teaches you the right approach in tattoo making, it shows you many details that you can't learn by yourself and, if you use advices from this course, saves you years of improvement.
  • You will be able to make tattoos of different level of difficulty, even if you're starting from zero and you don't draw that well!
  • You will be able to make different style tattoos, and to do any work that your clients will ask you!
  • You wil be able to handle anxiety and insecurities in regards to tattoo making!
  • You will be able to resolve any problem at the technical level !
  • You will be able to use different techniques of tattoo making.! You will know all about the material and tools, you will know how to prepare the drawing, the stencils, your work place, client's positioning and all other stages of preparing for work!
  • You will be totally independent from anyone, you will decide by yourself how much you want to work and how much to earn, you can decide to open a studio or to traveling while working and collaborating with other tattoo artists.
  • Because it's made in gradual manner step by step. All the lessons are structured in the way that it will help you to create the study process simple and efficient.
  • All the units of the courses are professional, very instructive and at the same time interesting and amusing in order to make the study process easier and more fluid.
  • Video tutorials with executions of differents tattoos are taken with two cameras with my recorded voice at the background that comments and explains every step.
  • In this course I share with you all the secrets, tips and techniques to get the shortcut to the profession that I have learned in 8 years.
  • The course is online and is available for you from any part of the worlds, and there's no limit for following it, as the access to the video will be yours forever and you can study when it's best for you!
  • Save the time. We teach you only the things that are possible to apply to this profession straight away and we throw away the things that are non needed.
What's included in the online course?
The course has more than 28 hours of very intense video materials, and includes:
Video tutorials.
Video seminars.
Video screencasts.
Multichoice test after every module.
A manual in PDF for studying with the course.
Certificate of participation to the course.
So the course gives you the possibility to save a lot of money which would be thrown out, if you learn things by yourself, to save a lot of time and stress, since you don't have to make all the mistakes I did!
Video tutorial are shut from 2 videocameras from the beginning till the end with my recorded voice on the background.
In what consists the online course "Basic" in details:
and which results it will give you
The process
Mental statements
Drawing vs Tattoo
Overcoming the obstacles
I explain the benefits of the profession and what we will be doing
It shows all the process that we will be doing, shown in simple way
It teaches you all the techniques that we have to apply in order not to give up and to get to our final goal with great motivation
It helps you to adapt to the profession of the tattoo artist if you are the person who draws
I give you the instruction on how you have to make the transition from your actual work to the tattoo artist work without stress and without putting yourself in danger.
In this seminar I'm explaining to you how to overcome the obstacles that you can have and become a successful tattoo artist
28 min
8 min
16 min
23 min
29 min
60 min
Modulo 1
Consumable materials
Check list
I'm presenting you the path we will make in this module.
You will how and where to buy the quality equipment for tattooing with a very restricted budget.
I'm explaining to you one by one, what to choose and why, their benefits, and all my personals tips, what I learned in many years regarding the choice.
You will know what colours it's better to use, how to combine the grey tones in black and white works, and in what way.
You will have 2 checklists for the acquisition of all the things in a very structured and economical way.
You have some homework to do for this module.
28 min
8 min
16 min
23 min
29 min
60 min
Modulo 2
Exercises on paper
Exercises on skin
Exercises on the synthetic skin
Experimental exercises
Shading exercises
I'm presenting you the path we will make in this module.
I will give you exercises that will help you to understand the technique of tattooing.
I'm giving you exercises that you will make using all the equipment and the skin of the person, but without making actual tattoos, you will fully understand the sensations that a tattoo artist feels when he's tattooing.
The last exercise to make sure you're ready to start on the skin.
Optional exercises for getting used to the surfaces in relief.
Exercise that are making you understand on how to do the shading using a simple pen.
4 min
37 min
12 min
20 min
10 min
8 min
Modulo 3
Shading exercises 2
The continuation for learning how to make the shadings in a more refined way.
Here I give you the homework to learn how to tattoo using different surfaces.
41 min
7 min
Choice of the drawing
Stencil preparation
How to choose the place
Preparing the space
The table
I'm presenting you the path we will make in this module.
You will understand how to choose the drawing from the internet (in the case you're following the client's request), and what basics you have rely on in order to make a great work.
You will learn how to modify the drawing, to adapt it, prepare the stencil and to transfer it to the body with all my secret tricks.
Here I'm preventing you from complicated situations regarding the choice of the right place on body, you will know all the differences, the level of difficulty, and how to make a perfect tattoo even if you're just a beginner!
You will know how to place the furniture and equipment in the right way and how to create your personal studio with a minimal budget, using what you have already.
You will know how to place all the equipment and material on the table in the best way.
4 min
37 min
12 min
20 min
10 min
8 min
Modulo 4
Positioning the client
You will see all the positions for every part of the body. It took me many years to find the best solutions for the client and the tattoo artist.
Here I give the homework that you need to do for this module.
41 min
7 min
The rules
The line
I'm presenting you the path we will make in this module.
I explain to you the 5 main rules, that you have to follow if you want to do any work of quality and not ruin the tattoos (especially if you start from zero). After this video you will solve forever the problem of unsatisfied clients.
You will watch a video tutorial where I make lines and explain everything about the lines. Up to smallest details.
You will watch the video tutorial about the filling, I explain 2 types up to smallest details.
I will show you the video tutorials about the shadings. While making a tattoo, I'm explaining you all about the shading technique.
Here I explain how to protect the client and yourself, without putting yourself to danger while we're making the tattoos.
3 min
36 min
46 min
54 min
71 min
7 min
Modulo 5
The first tattoo
Watch this tutorial, repeat everything I do and you will have a very similar result!
I explain to you how to take care of the tattoos and how to make sure that the client does what's necessary to take care of it.
59 min
18 min
Here I give the homework that you need to do for this module.
2 min
Video tutorial Initials
Video tutorial Simple Star
Video tutorial Star
9 min
19 min
42 min
Modulo 6
Video tutorial Butterfly
Video tutorial Kiss
Video tutorial Cherry
31 min
16 min
14 min
Video tutorial Inscription
15 min
Video tutorial Girigogoli
Video tutorial Rose
Video tutorial Tribal
26 min
21 min
101 min
Video tutorial Maori
80 min
Video tutorial Japanese
105 min
Video tutorial Mandala
Video tutorial Fior di loto
Video tutorial Mano di fatima
71 min
36 min
72 min
Video tutorial Mano di fatima
Video tutorial Realistic in black&white
72 min
95 min
What to do now
Errors to avoid
Putting aside everything and leaving just some very important things, I'm explaining to you what to do, in three steps.
I make you understand the problems you can meet on your way and what are the mistakes to avoid at any price.
We're doing our conclusions and getting prepared for the beautiful journey waiting for us.
3 min
23 min
11 min
Modulo finale
I understand that it would be better to see this course with your own eyes and that why we've prepared a demo version on this course that you can access by clicking the button below
Click on the button here under, enter the online school, choose the course "Basic" and you will see for yourself the quality and the quantity of the materials that we give in this course when you follow the demo version.
Apart from this, I have prepared for you a series of bonus videos to help you reach your goal quicker and with less difficulties!
How to set up tattoo machines for tattooing
You will have 2 video tutorials about how regulate the coil tattoo machines, to set and tune them. I explain to you the differences about tuning different machines and I explain to you how to resolve any technical problem if something is wrong or doesn't go well.
Seminar "Stress handling in the tattoo artist profession"
After watching this video you will see how to always maintain the calm, to be sure and without stress with all that can happen in this profession, you will learn how to get control of your own mind and it will give you extraordinary results.
Video tutorial "Tattoo execution by my students"
You will see the person who will be making his first tattoo and you will understand the process done by person similar to you, you will enter his skin, you will understand how he feels, and you will also see how I correct his mistakes and you will understand the most common mistakes and how to avoid them!
Complicated stencils
I will make you see how to prepare difficult stencil and to transfer them during the course. For many guys it is difficult to make parallel or geometrical compositions, italic inscriptions and others. Here I will show you all in minimal details and how to resolve it.
Advanced motivation
This is the motivation video for people that really want to go a long way and want to become the best in limited time. It will give you the impulse that you really need if you have serious intentions. I will explain to you how to quickly leave behind your previous life and make a 5 years experience in 1 year!
Maybe now you're asking - how much does the course cost?
For comparison, if you want to work with me one to one and have my personal assistance, it will cost you 3000 euro minimum, as I usually take maximum 5 people per year.

Inside this online Basic course you will have the same quantity and the same quality, but you will save 90 % of the price if you follow the course online!
Another comparison:
Taking all this in consideration, our course should have a high price…
If you follow a course on how to make tattoos with some tattoo artist in a small group, you will pay minimum 1500 euro (and they go up to 3000 - 4000 euro) and even then you will have less results from their course as tattoo artists don't have professional pedagogical abilities.

They don't have a structured programme in a gradual mode and won't be able to show you all these small differences of techniques in tattooing and they don't have all this video tutorial that we have at our disposal in our online course!
What is the value of this course?
35 video lessons teaching how to make tattoos from every angle
1997 $
Total value of:
3291 $
797 $
497 $
16 video tutorials
5 bonuses
8 years of experience PRICELESS
Having the possibility to subscribe many people at the same time and thanks to the online solution we have decided to make the price as low as possible!
The whole process of making videos studied from all the points of view with all the techniques and secrets of the profession will cost you only 397 USD!

You will get the experience for which most people pay thousands of euro for only 397 USD!
We will open subscription to this course very soon!
To send a request click on the green button!
Price for subscription is only $397!
We respect your privacy, and we'll never share your data with others!
Gradual tattoo making process step after step from zero to your first tattoo with all the preparation studies. 26 videos.

18 video tutorials covering tattoos making of different types and styles, filmed with 2 cameras, from the drawing preparation to the end, with my voice at the background that comments everything and explains every little step along will all the secrets and tricks of this profession.

5 precious bonuses that will allow you to obtain the results very quickly and will help you resolve any problem of the professions that will encounter on your way.

PDF manual to follow together with the online course that will help you remember details and to have access to all this precious information at hand.
To resume, when you will subscribe to the course, "Basic" you will have:
The online course "Basic" has in total more than 28 hours of video materials.
To send you request to subscribe to this course please click on the button below and we will inform you when subscriptions are open!
To get online course "BASIC" click the green button!
Price for subscription is only $397!
We respect your privacy, and we'll never share your data with others!
If you still have any doubts about whether to follow this course or not.
I can tell you that I have decided to assume all responsibility and to take all the risks on me and give you the guarantee to reimburse you the total price if the course won't give you results I promised!
During 30 days from the moment that you bought the course you can ask for your money back.
Show me your exercises, homework and your works that you did, and without any question I will give you all the money back!
Why do I give you this crazy guarantee and let you follow the course at my risks?

Because I'm convinced that we have created an amazing course that gives real results.
You won't have this kind of thing from tattoo artists that teach you the profession. But we do it.
To get online course "BASIC" click the green button!
Price for subscription is only $397!
We respect your privacy, and we'll never share your data with others!
And the best part is...

You can access to your course online from any part of the world, wherever you are! You can travel, move from one place to another, go to work, to your studies and your course will be always available to you, all you have to do is to inside your profile, and start the video with the help of your computer, you tablet, or even your phone!

You can watch the videos endlessly, when you want, and as much as you want, in order to always deepen your profession, as once you buy the access to the course, it doesn't have the end date, and you have all the time that you need to learn it.
Apart from this, together with the course you will get a PDF manual which you will follow while watching videos module by module!

This manual has the summary of the most important content from the course. So this way you will be able to have the access to all the studies of the course easily and to refresh for yourself things that you need!

This manual is a guide for you, that will help you to monitor your progress and makes the process of studying gradual and efficient!
Apart from this at the end of the course we will give you our certificate of our private school!
This certificate can help you show your knowledge and competence to your clients and can help you in the search of the studio to work at, like the confirmation of your study heritage that you've gathered as well as your professionalism!

It's always a pleasure to have a certificate hanging on your wall that makes you understand what level you are at!
*This is the certificate from our private school, it's not issued by a specific region. This certificate doesn't give you the permission to exercise the profession officially.
To get online course "BASIC" click the green button!
Price for subscription is only $397!
We respect your privacy, and we'll never share your data with others!
My promise to you...
The course "Basic" is the result of a 6 months long teamwork, that strived to give the material in the most clear way for a person who really wants to become great in this profession!

I promise that if you follow the course step after step, exploring lesson after lesson, and if you do all the homework and exercises that I ask you to in order to put theory into practice, and you DEFINITELY have great results after this course and you will not return to your previous life.

This course gives you the responses to all the questions that you have regarding the tattoo making and resolves any problem you encounter when you learn how to tattoo!
I also need a promise from you to me!
"I will continue to follow this way despite everything - in order to live the life full of satisfaction, doing what I love!"

I will be always by your side, but I want you to feel this powerful desire that you have inside yourself to get to outstanding results!

If you promise this to yourself and to me, this investment will be the best investment you would have done in your whole life!
«ut then you will remember WHY you started this new path and you will GET UP again!
From the moment you subscribe to the course, I need the promise, that not only you will watch the videos like a spectator but you will also put into practice everything that I teach you!
I can give you any shortcuts in the world, but if you don't put them into practice, it's useless to expect the results, that's why we need to practice a lot!
You will have moments when it will be difficult for you, you won't get immediately to the results that you want, you will probably have moments when you will want to surrender...
Now you will have to make a promise to yourself:
This course is not for everyone
In fact, we DON'T sell the "magic pill" that will make you become a successful tattoo artist just because you have bought the course!
If you're the person who doesn't want to do anything, and just waits for results without making any effort, this course is not for you!
Nowadays we hear a lot of people that guarantee you the automatic results, while you don't have to do anything and then you suddenly become happy, rich etc.
This course is not of the kind!
Without practice all the advices of the world don't cost anything!
Here we will work with you, we will make a lot of practice.
So get ready to work and I will show you the shortcut to success!
This course is for you:
If you're the person who realises that for reaching results you need to practice and have the best information to how to manage to do it!
If you're the person who doesn't want be the victim of the circonstances but you want to decide by yourself what turn your life should take and to have the control of your own life!
If you're the person who wants to live, to support yourself with your own passion, and to take care of people that are dear to you!
If you're the person that doesn't want to do just any work, because he/she knows that he has something special and wants to explore his artistic side!
Remember - this is your future!
You future doesn't get defined by your words, by your thoughts, but by the actions you make...
The ones you will make in 1 day, in 1 month, in 1 year time…
This defines what you will be in the future.
The person you become depends from the choices you make, because it's YOU who makes the future you!
There's a part of you that chooses to go forward and take the possibility that you have here right in front of you!
This is the moment where you can change your life.
It's up for you to decide!
To get online course "BASIC" click the green button!
Price for subscription is only $397!
We respect your privacy, and we'll never share your data with others!
If you have any questions:
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