Learn To Tattoo By Following Videotutorials!
I present you online course "BASIC videotutorials Kit"!
Now the price is only 149$!
Would you like to learn how to tattoo using videotutorials from your home?
Would you like to find out how tattoos are done in person?
Would you like to know all Lex's tricks, shortcuts and techniques?
I wish I had it ...
Hi, I'm Lex, founder of the "Become a Tattooist" project.
When I was starting to tattoo 10 years ago I didn't have anyone to give me advice.
It seemed that all the tattoo artists were trying to hide their secrets.

I had to discover all the tattooing techniques alone, making lots of mistakes, mistakes, having different disappointments and a lot of stress.

Finally I learned everything and decided to share everything on the tattoo technique with everyone by recording the videotutorials that show the whole process of performing different tattoos!
We have identified the best method
Insegnando tanti nostri studenti abbiamo scoperto il metodo migliore per far raggiungere i risultati nel tatuaggi ai nostri allievi.
Bisogna fare diversi esercizi e pratticarsi di sicuro, Pero oltre quello il componente cruciale è vedere come si fanno i tatuaggi in modo dettagliato.
E' quasi impossibile di assistere un tatuatore durante l'esecuzione di diversi tatuaaggi e starli vicino, però c'è un altra soluzione!
Puoi seguire i nostri videotutorial che abbiamo registrato da 2 videocamere!
Following the videotutorials of the course "BASIC VIdeotutorials kit" you will be able to do about 70-80% of decorative tattoos that are requested by customers today!

Each video shows you the process of preparing the stencil and the execution of the tattoo from the beginning to the end, taken by 2 video cameras.
The second video camera shows you how I use the machines, I use colors, I mix them, I dilute them and so on.

During all these complete videotutotrials you have my voice that explains all the steps I do, all my tricks, secrets and short cuts that I use with several very important concepts!

These video tutorials show you how to make different types of tattoos and tattoos in different styles !, so after you take this course you'll be ready for almost any request from your client!
This course is for you if:
If you would like to start making tattoos from scratch.
If you are already doing tattoos recently.
If you have experience from 1 to 5 years in the trade.
Videotutorials are taken from 2 video cameras from the beginning to the end with my voice in the background. In total the videos of the course for 15 hours!
You can follow the course from your home, in the hours and days that are convenient to you!
You can relate the course to infinity by deepening the material more and more.
See all the execution up close, as if you were to make the tattoo.
You have the voice during videotutorial that explains all the execution signs.
You have the exaggeratedly low course compared to the courses by tattoo artists.
What you will be able to do after the course:
You will know how to prepare the stencil for different tattoos.
You will know how to prepare custom designs and make "free hand"
You will know how to do the line, fill and shade correctly in the tattoo.
You will know how to make shades with grays and colors.
You will know how to match colors in tattoos.
You will know all the stages of the process for different jobs and styles.
Videotutorial "initials"
Videotutorial "Simple star"
Videotutorial "Lettering"
video duration: 9 min
video duration: 21 min
video duration: 15 min
MODULE 1: Simple with black
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Colored star"
Videotutorial "Kiss"
Videotutorial "Butterfly"
video duration: 42 min
video duration: 16 min
video duration: 31 min
MODULE 2: Simple colored
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Cherry"
video duration: 14 min
Videotutorial "Decorative with the flower"
Videotutorial "Mandala"
Videotutorial "Hand of fatima"
video duration: 25 min
video duration: 1 ora 11 min
video duration: 1 ora 12 min
MODULE 3: Mixed Decorative
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Tribali"
video duration: 1 ora 40 min
MODULE 4: Tribal
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Maori"
video duration: 1 ora 19 min
MODULE 5: Maori
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Japanese style"
video duration: 1 ora 44 min
MODULE 6 : Japanese
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "Lotus flower"
video duration: 35 min
MODULE 7 : Tattoo shadings
consists of videos:
Videotutorial "London in B/W"
video duration: 1 ore 35 min
Watch the demo version of the course
If you would like to make sure of the quality and quantity of courses that are in the online course "BASIC Videotutorials Kit" you can watch the demo version of the course with your own eyes!

To do this, register on our website beatattooartist.com if you are not yet registered, choose the "BASIC Videotutorials Kit" course and click on the "Watch the demo version" button!
No one reveals these secrets to you
Most tattoo artists do not want to increase competition for themselves and that is why they try not to reveal the techinques of the trade.
Most tattoo artists do not know how to teach and fail to explain the techniques clearly and comprehensively.
Few tattoo artists who teach it ask for a lot of money for it, without giving you the guarantee of the result.
The course by the professional tattoo artist will cost you hundreds of euros, and you can easily exceed 1000 euros!
Quanti types of teachings are rare and are expensive.
We kept the price very low
But having the opportunity to teach more people by having the online course we decided to keep the price absurdly low!

Today you could enroll in this course which has 15 hours of videotutorials for only 179 euros!
Now the price is only149$!
To register for the online course "BASIC Videotutorials Kit " click on the green button!
We respect your privacy, we never share your data with third parties!
"Money back guarantee"
Within 30 days of purchasing this course you can request the money back.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the course, let me see the exercises, tasks and jobs you have done and without asking a question I will give you all the money back!
Now the price is only149$!
To register for the online course "BASIC Videotutorials Kit " click on the green button!
We respect your privacy, we never share your data with third parties!
If you have any questions: lex@beatattooartist.com
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