Would You Like To Be Able To Do Realistic Tattoos In Color Or In Black And White After Following 2Month Online Course?
These online courses will bring you to a guaranteed results in just a few weeks!
Cost of online course "REALISM in black and white - $ 297
Cost the online course "REALISM in color" - 299 $
Cost of both courses - only 499$
Subscription extended until 15 March at 11.59 pm! (Italy Rome time)
What are these online courses?
Each online course has a 10 week program, with lessons 1 time per week.
You can choose to enroll to subscribe to a course "REALISM in black and white" or "REALISM in color", or both.
You will study a necessary theory, do exercises and homework every week.
You can follow the videos of those course in your spare time, in your schedule.
Lex personally checks your homeworks and corrects you for maximum results.
You will have several video tutorials om realism to watch along with the main course.
You will discover methods that have never been shared on the public internet.
Hey, it's Lex! The first time I bring out the courses that gradually explains all the exercises and methods you have to do to be able to execute realistic colored or black and white tattoos.

For 10 weeks i will give you different exercises and tasks to do together with the very important theory that allows you to make different realistic tattoos already during the course, if you do the practice and exercises of the course.

In these courses I share all those tricks that I use when I'm doing realistic tattoos and if you like my videos on YouTube these courses will drive you crazy!
Steal my step by step methods to make exceptional realistic tattoos!
Tested step by step methodologies
Our school "Become a tattoo artist" has been teaching for 3 years now, we have taught hundreds of students through our online and live courses. A large number of them have opened tattoo shops or have found a workplace in different tattoo studies.

During all this time we have developed many very effective methodologies tested on many students, and in fact within these courses on realism Lex has included only those that really bring you to the result, and are simple and comprehensive to all students.

We have perfected approaches and here we will give you only the necessary, effective and applicable theory.

How you will follow the online course
In addition, every week Lex personally (via WhatsApp) will check the tasks you will do, and will give you tips and suggestions to improve in your specific case!

After you have followed the 10-week course, you will be able to watch these videos indefinitely without a deadline.
Starting from 1 January you will follow the online course within your personal profile at the website becomeatatuatore.it for 10 weeks, and every week you will have THEORY (video to watch), EXERCISES (videos that explain the exercises you need to do), HOMEWORK. (videos that give you homework) and 1 VIDEOTUTORIAL per week to watch on realism.
Choose which course you would like to take
We are releasing 2 different courses, to help you specialize in the style that interests you most
This 10-week online course teaches you how to make realistic black and white tattoos. You will have the gradual path that will make you the whole process of realistic in black and white absolutely from scratch and you will deepen this topic in a complete way. You will know how to make different styles of black and white reaòistic, and you will know how to manage different difficult tattoo sessions successfully!

In total you will have more than 26 hours of structured videos with exercises and homework to do.
This 10-week online course teaches you how to make realistic color tattoos. Knowing how to make realistic colored tattoos puts you in a very valuable category of tattoo artists, because you will do the artworks that very few tattoo artists do. Here you will find out how to use colors in 360 degree realism works and I joined a tri-dimensional tattoos. Here the tattoo becomes pure painting!

In total, you will have more than 29 hours of structured video with exercises and homework to do.
Some photos of the video tutorials of the courses
Lex assists you via WhatsApp
During the 10-week course Lex will personally check your homework every week and give you precise indications if you are doing well with the practice exercises and homework, giving you very good suggestions and advice. So you will know how to solve your critical points and learn realism quickly!
Subscription extended until 15 March at 11.59 pm!
What is included in the course
Practical exercises.
Videotutorial on realism.
Control your weekly tasks from Lex personally via WhatsApp with feedback, advice and suggestions.
What will you be able to do at the end of the courses
How to apply colors in realism
How to create "light" and "reflection" effects
How to shade from one color to another
How to use all shades of gray colors
How and where to put white color
How to create a volume seffect
How to create maximum contrast and 3D effect
How to prepare the stencil for each type of realistic tattoos
How to modify the design to make it cooler on the skin
How to create a "watercolor" effect on the skin
How to do a hair, fur, beard, wrinkles effects
How to do longevity tattoos that don't lose color with a time and so much more!
The true value of those courses
This information is confidential, hidden.
Most tattoo artists keep secrets for themselves in order not to create more competition.

Those few who teach something about realism take thousands of euros, explaining the minimum, which does not allow you to make a qualitative leap.

Most tattoo artists are unable to teach because they don't have teaching skills.

We give you an extraordinary opportunity, and we give you EVERYTHING you need to have the amazing results, even offering you the course at a very low price!
10-week online course. 26 hours of video with Lex's supervision.
10-week online course. 29 hours of video with Lex's supervision.
For only 297 dollars!
For only 299 dollars!
Subscription extended until 15 March at 11.59 pm!
Money back guarantee
We have decided to give a money back guarantee to all members.

If at the end of the course you don't get the results you wanted, we will give you all your money back!

You risk absolutely nothing!

If after taking the course you think that you spent time and money unnecessarily and the course did not exceed your expectations, you can safely ask for all the money back and without asking a few questions we will give you back all the money!

Sign up now and then consider what to do.
We can only take a very limited number of students, because Lex will give suggestions to each participant of the course, so to be on time, register now at this moment and starting from January we start with online courses!
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