Do You Want To Be Coached By Lex Personally For 2 Month To Improve In Tattooing
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Do you want to get to advanced level in tattooing with guarantee?
Do you want Lex to guide you along the way for 2 month?
Do you want to get extreme results in 2 month?
Are you ready to get to work?
Do you want to ear more money with tattoos and have a lot of clients?
This is an exclusive coaching program of Lex!
  • Lex will work with you one on one for 2 month.
  • 8 Skype sessions, personal exercises and homework.
  • Assistance via WhatsApp for 60 days.
  • 76 hours of video content as bonus.
Hey, it's Lex. When i started tattooing my main progles was to find a mentor. I was doing the same mistakes again and again in tattooin, even if i was putting a lot of effert.
My progress was very slow.
Then i finally found a tattoo artist that corrected me along the way i saw a very huge increase of my quality in tattooing!
He could see clearly what i was doing wrong and knew exactly what to do to improove it!
I'm convinced that having a teacher that assist you in your growth in tattooing will bring you to a whole nel level in tattooing so much faster, without problems!
Richiedere il coaching di Lex
Many subscribers were asking me about it
Every day i receive different email from my subscribers where the ask me if i do a personal coaching program.
For many months i had no say "NO", cause i had no time to do it.
For the last year and a half i was creating our new online courses.
Now i finally have some time and i decided to take only 10 student for 2 month and do a personal coaching program!
My previous coaching that i did gave extraordinary results to my client
2 years ago in Italy i've done thi coaching program to our italian students and it gave then incredible results in 2 month.
I developed a sustem that i used to deliver them results. So know exactly how to do it now.
Now i launch updated version of my personal coaching program
For the last 2 years a i worked with a lot of students, so i discover other missing peaces in my coaching program and now i launch a new updated version that will be even more effective compare to my previous coaching program!
New exercises, new tecniques, new concepts and so much more.
This coaching program is for you:
If you want to begin tattooing absolutely from zero.
If you are a beginner and you want to get to advanced level.
If you tattooing for a while and you want to learn new styles and tecniques.
The project
"Be a Tattoo Artist" is:
  • A community of more than 28 000 people that are learning the tattoo job.
  • Practical LIVE courses with a tattoo artist-teacher in different cities.
  • Filled with online courses of different levels to learn every aspect of the job.
  • Live training-seminars.
Who will teach you personally
Lex de Gor
Esperience in tattooing: 10 years
Favourite tattoo styles: realistic, trash polka, 3D, portraits.
Some tattoos done by Lex
How this coaching will proceed
You will have 8 session with me personally via Skype. We will define you goal - what do you want to be able after this coaching.

Every session i will be giving you indications of how todo specific tattoos that i will give you to execute. I will watch the results. I will explain what to improve.

I will correct you. I will answer your question. I will give you homework - different tattoos to execute and to watch different videos from our onilne schoool (you will have 76 hours of videos on tattooing as bonus!)

During all these weeks you will have my support via WhatsApp and you can ask me questions and receive my advices.

By contionue this proccess for 8 weeks, by getting constant feedback and corrections you will get to your goal in tattooing.
I will give you 76 hours of our teaching videos as bonus!
As a bonus to this personal coaching program i decided to give you an access to 2 our best online courses:
Online course BASIC and Online course PROFESSIONAL
with combined value of 796 dollars!
Request a coaching of Lex here
More details after on this page
During these 8 week you will have access to be antime you want via WhatsApp.
During these weeks, when you have some questions and problems you can ask me your questions and get my advices and help.
It will help you to move forward in your process of learning without any interruptions and pauses!
The main benefits of this program:
  • You can study at home
  • You will have constant feedback, advices and help.
  • You will have a personal responsability so will not be able to escape from homework
  • You will have access to 76 hours of our videos of our online school
  • You will have certificate of our school
  • You will have an access to Lex by WhatsApp for 60 to ask your questions anytime
I take only 10 students. Only one time
I will work personally with each student to deliver extraordinary results, so i can't take more than 10 students, otherwise i can't give my best to my coaching students.
I decided to do this coaching only now, for 1 time and i will not repeat this type of program in the future.
You will get our certificate
After you finished this coaching program you will receive a certificate of our tattoo school that confirms that you've throught whole program.

This certificate will help you to incrase your authority in front of your clients.
*This is the certificate from our private school, it's not issued by a specific region. This certificate doesn't give you the permission to exercise the profession officially.
These types of coaching cost a lot
If you will find someone that will be ready to teach you will a very low price you can be sure that he will not be able to deliver you good results in tattoong, because he is simply not at the level to be able to do it.
Usually these types of teachings cost a lot. Every respected tattoo artist will take around 300$ for every session of personal coaching of even more.
This is our conservative price for you
Our mission and passion is to teach and we decided to keep our prices very conservative and very low.
For the fact that we case of your results and we are doing this coaching program via internet the price to get a whole coaching program is only 997 dollars!
With just 997$ you will have me complete assistance for 2 month, with our coaching calls, support via WhatsApp and 76 hours of videos that normally cost 796$ by itself that i will give you as a bonus!
Before taking a student in my coaching program there certain requirements:
You have to be able to draw.
You should have a time to do all the homework and watch videos of our online school.
You have to be open minded, listen to advices without resisting them and apply them to your work.
You have to be very motivated to get results.
My money back guarantee
I understant that you could have some doubts if this program is so effective as i explain to you or if you are actually able to get results that you desire. I understand and for that i'm giving you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
It means that you can follow all the coaching program for 2 month and if at the end of this program you will not have results that you are expected you can ask all of your money back and they will be given back to you.
So you have no risk at all to subscibe,
If you will not get results - take your money back.
Online course BASIC - that will teach you everything about how to get to a good solid level in tattooing even it you begin absolutely from zero. All the preparations, tecniques, videotutorial on different types of tattoos and styles. (26 hours of videos). Original price is 397$
Online course PROFESSIONAL - will teach everything about how to do realistic tattoos (theory, exercises and practice). WIll teach how to tattoo portraits, 3D tattoos, modern advanced styles such as trash polka, watercolor, dot work. Will teach everything about execution of complicated cover ups and aesthetics of tattoos. Numerous complete videotutorials. (50 hours of videos) Original price is 399$
By watching there online courses with you coaching program and applying teaching you will increase you quality in tattooing and will be able to know a lot of suddelties of the profession that knows only 1% of tattoo artist.
I will give you extremely powerful bonuses
I will give you FOR FREE 2 online courses of combined value of 796 dollars!
As i told you as BONUSES i will give you 2 our best online courses:
Write me here for a consultation
If you have some questions about this coaching program or if you want to know the details of if you are wondering if this coaching is a right thing for you click in the button below to talk to me directly by WhatsApp!
Bu clicking the button you will be redirected to our WhatsApp chat.
If you have some problem doing this is my whatsapp number: +39 329 752 7388
This is for you if you are serious about your growth in tattooing!
If tattooing is just a little hoppy for you this coaching is not for you, It's for you if you are about results.

If you want to be a successfull tattoo artist so bad,
if you want to live by doing art and earn good money with it.

It it's not your goal - don't send your request.
Send you request here
Click on the button to send you request for personal coaching program with Lex!
Only 10 places available. We begin 22 of July
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